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Austro-Hungarian Empire

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As 1899 issue but with varnish bars

In 1901 all the heller values of the 1899 set were issued with varnish bars in an attempt to make removal of the postmarks more difficult. These come in three different styles, finishing with simple 2¼ mm bands separated by a 7¼ mm gap. Scans of the stamps rarely show the bands, unless the washing process used to clean them has been too vigorous. However, when the stamp is viewed against a light the bands become much clearer, as shown in the illustrations below.

This set was issued with only two perforation types: 13x12½ and 13x13½. Other perforations are known but were never available from Post Offices.


Band 1. Shiny band 2¼ mm wide with 3 mm less shiny band; 4¼ mm gap.


Band 2. Shiny band 2¼ mm wide with 2 mm less shiny band; 5¼ mm gap.


Band 3. Shiny band 2¼ mm wide with no less shiny band; 7¼ mm gap.

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