Postage Stamps of Austria

by Tony Clayton

First Republic

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1918 Issue

On the breakup of the Austro-Hungarian Empire towards the end of 1918, Austria became a Republic. The initial provisional stamp issue was created by overprinting the existing stamps with Deutschösterreich indicating a desire to become part of Germany, expressly forbidden by treaty. A selection of these provisional are shown below.



6 heller orange
SG 301.


4 kronen yellowish green
SG 316.

Postage Dues


15 heller carmine
SG D238.


10 kronen blue
SG D333.

Newspaper Stamps


4 heller green
SG N319.


2 heller Express
Perf. 11½
Also known in 12½ or compounds of the two.
SG 334a.

Newspaper Stamps <<-- : -->> 1919 Definitives

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